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i don't think it's injury. LeBron is a beast and muscle when it comes to that.

it's more frustration. Wade wants to do more when he's hurt and really can't while Bosh can do more but he doesn't want to. from a coaching stand point, look at it this way:

LeBron (the engine) wants to take over the game, but Wade (the franchise, soul) wants to get his mark on the game and he can't. they also have a big who doesn't want to work inside at all and just shoot spot up jumpers or 3's, something he hasn't shot well this postseason.

IF (big IF) the Heat lose, it'd be mainly with Pop exposing what they can't do and them not willing to adjust. common wisdom says Wade should be a decoy and move to the 3rd slot while Bosh becomes more aggressive closer to the paint against Splitter. instead, you see LeBron get his looks and touches and no one else making it easier for him.
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