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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
He was never done. You never admit you're wrong but most of the time you just go away on the thread to avoid more jabs. Manu is not overweight.....did you see his dunk tonight?
"he was never done", nice cop out.

"did you see Manu's dunk?"

yes, i saw Manu's WIDE OPEN DUNK set up by Kawhi Leonard sucking the defense in.

if that's your definition of not being done, that's laughable. Ginobili can still fly when there's a huge margin of error because the defender has his back turned. the guy can't get passed other guys when the defense is set, not even from a screen or a switch from a guy.

that was funny though. i knew someone would bring up that wide open dunk as a reason for him not to be done.
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