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Lebron "Get Out Of My Face, Stop it" to Haslem

Did anyone see this? I saw it right after the commercial, after Green hit his FT at the 8:21 in the 3rd. Quarter. Haslem wraps his hand around
James's head, LBJ steps away as he says that. Its cut off before he says "stop it" but I just saw it on SC and they showed it there. You can definitely make out the words coming out of his mouth.

I believe he doesn't want to be a One man show, especially when Wade & Bosh's feeling are hurt cuz its all about what the King is doing and what they W&B are NOT.

They said they needed more touches, they are getting them and he may be, showing them up.

All is not Well in Miami!
Something is going on, and I don't think anyone has picked up on it, yet.

Lebron wants to win but he doesn't
Want to get hurt either. I think that
Westbrook, Kobe, Rose, Galinari, may
Be a reason to be cautious, that may be In the back of his head, maybe.

Or it could just be Leonard's Big'Ol Octopus

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