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Bonner playoff history debate

Okay years of Spurs playoff exits with Bonner not playing well was blamed on the Big 3 not playing like the Big 3 and that's the only reason why he sucked so bad right? Well tonight the Big 3 had 12 by TD, 7 by Manu, 6 by TP in points. But somehow Green and Neal go off big time points wise and stat wise. So why before when Bonner sucked in the playoffs it was the Big 3s fault on Bonner's suck play? Yes Green starts but Neal doesn't. Both guys were end of the draft to being undrafted players. They are role players. Bonner is a role player. So why didn't he perform in years past? I thought the reasons on the Big 3 were bull. They still are. GO SPURS GO TRADE BONNER!:applause
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