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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Bonner same wage, not waived as some suggest,as he is 6"10' with added defensive ability and rebounding so a good back up for a big man and stretch 4. To get someone for the bench as good or better for either role you will pay more, and then there is the fact he knows intimately what is required of him and the schemes around this.

Splitter $8 mill per as Asik got that and both players bring similar abilities. You will not get even a decent late bench center for less than $6.5 mill, I had a quick look and only those on a rookie contract were less that I could see.

I believe if we win it Manu will retire so no need to discuss in that situation, but otherwise all the ameteur GM's here that want to dump him to the side and only pay him "what he will be worth" next year do not understand that in business you also reward those that have been a building block to get your brand to a point where we are known as one of the best teams in professional sport, at least in USA.

Don't pay Manu max, and he probably wouldn't expect that, but don't low ball him..... still unhappy that D Rob got low balled at the end there after what he did, there is a difference between a player and management working together to lower the wage to help the team and disrespecting what someone has put in for the team.... and Manu has put in a lot.

I finish with my usual question: Who would you bring in to replace these pieces if they get paid elsewhere? Al Jefferson is not coming here for $10 mill he will want at least $3-$5 mill more, and even then name the last big name free agent signing we have had.
Bonner had two points and his pay goes up again.......doubt they keep him for that amount. Why even include a buyout on his deal then?

Manu already said he would not retire.
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