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Opinion: Through three games, our MVP is Kawhi

Not jinxing anything, not saying anything about the series as a whole or who wins the actual award, just saying through three games.

Who else could it possibly be? On the offensive end, Tony's far below his standards (13.3 points and 6.3 assists, compared to 20.3 and 7.6 in the regular season). Duncan's been solid, but not dominant, with 13.6 a game. Manu's been incredible at facilitating, but he has twice as many TOs as threes, averaging 8.3 points and 3.3 assists to go with 2 TOs/game. Meanwhile, Kawhi's grabbed 40 rebounds in three games, only two turnovers, two steals per game, and almost as much scoring as Tony and Timmy (11/game)... all the while almost single-handedly keeping the best basketball player on the planet over 10 points below his season scoring average.

Green's the only one that even holds a candle to Leonard so far, with solid defense and far-and-away a series-leading (for either team) 18.6 points/game.

I agree with the commentators after the game: the thing that should scare the Heat the most is that we've got a 2-1 lead coming off a 36-point win, and our Big 3 hasn't actually had to really play yet. The Heat will adjust and come out with new twists and wrinkles, but the Spurs have yet to do what made us great all season long.
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