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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
where did his efficiency come from?

when TP or TD go down, the other is usually by themselves because Manu is already hurt. when Ginobili is hurt, it's usually the other Big 2 carrying the burden since 2003.

MG is earning $14 million with his new deal this season and has earned a similar yearly paycheck with that. he's played no where near that money.
im talking about tim duncan... you say that he got his paycheck way over is value because is named tim duncan (unless i didnt perceive the essence of your post, im no that good in English) and I didnt agree tim duncan is playing above his price tag.
Im honored to be on this team right now because hes going to be great for years to come, and Im going to hold on as long as I can. -Tim Duncan on Kawhi Leonard.

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