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May i point out that many of the latin america analyst are saying that Ginobili is playing injuried since the begining of the playoffs and that he hasn´t really healed any of the two hamstrings he had.

I do agree that he is playing like ****, and i also don´t expect him to be great during games 3, 4 5 or whatever, because i do believe he has something bad with his legs.

But players do not grow older in 4 months, and that´s the time span between the begining of the season where he was shooting at his career averages and putting 20 a game and the time he got back from his first Hamstring Injury.

So my position is that none of you know the reality on why Manu is playing like this, and with the state of the team as of now, if Pop and RC thinks Manu is worth keeping then i would agree at any cost they keep him, because they know what Manu is cappable, and they know in the conditions he is playing right now.

That said, there is also the possibility that he is just sucking, but i find it very difficult to belive considering his level at the olympics, his level at the begining of the year, and his struggles at the FT line which CANT BE ACCOUNTED TO HIS AGE.
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