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Originally Posted by LAsucksForever View Post
The Spurs will renounce Manu as a purely procedural move. We're not going into the new league year with a $17 million cap hold on him, and nothing prevents us from re-signing a player who we have renounced.

Extending the qualifying offers to Tiago and Gary means that their cap holds are what were indicated in my initial post until such time as we sign them to longer-term contracts or match an offer. As such, we'll have roughly $10 million below the cap to lure a free agent or two (Al Jefferson or Emeka Okafor plus a wing), and then the $2.5 million MLE plus about $8 million to take care of Manu and Tiago.
Well, actually, league rules explicitly prevent a team from signing a player they have renounced. It's part of the whole renounce step/declaration.

Splitter doesn't get a qualifying offer. He is an unrestricted free agent. His cap hold is based on the number of years he's been in the league. He will likely sign for more than the cap hold. Here, or elsewhere.

There will be no free agent money for the Spurs. Let it go. They will start the off season above the salary cap (~$58M) and will finish the off season above the salary cap, but likely below the luxury tax.
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