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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
I don't agree with you esparzar1

Nothing Pop could have done better in the end of that killer third Quarter. The damage had been done way before that. Spurs were lucky to stay in the game until that point by mirage 3 point shooting and jump shots. There was very little slim chance Spurs could have won that game. That adjustment should have been done at the second quarter I would think Pop should have taken out certain players and put the bench to save himself some embarrassment!!!!

It all started on the middle of the second quarter earlier in the game IMHO.Despite the Spurs being down only by FIVE point at half time. The HEAT already had been doing GREAT in their isolating Tony and Timmy and Neutralizing Manu along with everyone not named GREEN or LEONARD and maybe Neal.
I agree. :applause
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