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The ugly thing...

about not being able to watch the games is being stuck with the horrendous coverage. My gosh. We won the first game and half the coverage was about the mistakes and problems about the Heat. Now we lost and 100% of the coverage is about how amazing this tarzan like a*****e of lebron and his teammates are. What a disgusting thing. This are the moments that makes following sport so frustrating and depressing. What a disgusting team, all banging up against each other in a play of egos and yelling. Pat Riley? my a**. Magic Johnson was the reason I started watching the NBA, that was basketball. Watching the Spurs play at the top of their game, that's basketball. Watching a team play, watching creativity and craft, quickness of inventiveness, that's what is enjoyable at watching a game. This celebration of brutal force is the opposite of everyhting I like about Basketball (or sports in general) and then having to bear this nightmare of a coverage. f***. It makes me want to quit following the sport altogether.
I so much want the spurs to come back and win it all.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to take it out.

P.s.: BTW, did this annoying MVP player stayed celebrating with his chest banging after that block on Tiago instead of going back in transition or did I see wrong?

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