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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
i agree with Mr. Jones.

Manu DOUBLE Green's salary with his play? that's insane. even if Manu were to play 4 brilliant 2005-like vintage games for the Finals, Green's the one that's been carrying the defensive burden and shooting burden for the majority of the season and 3 rounds of the playoffs. you don't pay Manu double his salary for 1/3 (at best) the work.

Tiago at $10 million is borderline insane too. he's shown nothing on both ends of the floor (keyword: both) to justify that. if he's just a defensive presence, you pay him half of that. he's a role player, you don't pay him as a superstar (with this CBA anyway).
We always seem to agree with each other. I still think if you can get Al Jefferson for the projected Tiago dollar amount (10 million), get him. Post presence, post moves, nice jumper and probably decent passing skills. Just have to work on his defense. But in our system, the perimeter guys funnel to the bigs. Pick and roll D, and he'll be OK. Because as soon as Duncan sits...You can't run offense through Toshi to take some pressure off our other guys. That's were Jefferson can be the man down low. (When) we win this title, maybe that'll persuade him to maybe follow behind such a rich culture of big man lead team for the play 24 years. Always in the playoffs, always contending. We still have Baynes in our back pocket.
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