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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
Jax for 2 years, $8 million would be $4 million a year. that'd be entirely reasonable since he used to:

- hit 3's
- defend smalls
- defend bigs
- play 1-4

can Manu do 2 of those 4 things? if Jax showed up like he did last season in the playoffs, it's entirely reasonable.

right now you're talking paying Manu $1 mill or so more than Green with Manu struggling and Green playing the majority of the minutes. unless you're talking about paying Manu more than DG because of him being Ginobili, he already earned that ridiculous overpay with his current deal.

I factored in your offer with 2 years already for Jack. I know it's 4 million per thank you. I liked SJax but at 4 million per no thanks. It would be reasonable with your points if fulfilled but at the time of when you said it earlier in the year........he didn't warrant that type of deal. Sad to say but he had a really bad year start to finish . So Jack even if he panned out would not garner 4 million bucks per with any team at 35 years old with 37% and 27% shooting averages or even semi decent stats. Don't get me wrong I like the player.

Manu once again I said tops at 5 million per at worst which is still under the average salary. Is Manu not an average player? Yes the scale is high but he brings things that are not accounted for on the stat sheet. I think playing Green more would actually reduce his play. More is not always better. Why did they send him home with the big 3 in Miami during the year when it just started? He had a rocky start this year and played lots of minutes. Manu at anything above 5 million is insane. 6.5 million? 7.5 million? 8 million? That's others and that's not me.

In closing title or not........Manu and Splitter would have to be at the right money or let them walk or sign & trade. That's my opinion. Also BONNER MAKES MORE THAN GREEN! DON'T FORGET THAT!
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