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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
Your numbers aren't quite accurate. According to HoopsHype the Spurs have a total of $41,831,628 committed in salary for next season. Tim is making 10 not 13, Tony is making 12 not 15. Since I've seen numbers (can't find the reference) that next's years cap will be right at 69 million, the Spurs are in pretty good shape.

As far as the speculation goes for salaries, Manu's not going to get 8 million and Tiago's not going to get 10 (at least not from the Spurs)

HoopsHype - NBA Salaries - San Antonio Spurs
Well it was what people on here want to pay players was the point. I'm not making it up. At least one guy on here said TP should have had 15 million and that was like when his deal was expiring. He wasn't playing that well at the time. Some people on here wanted Tim to get 13 million and the low end was 12 million. I said 10 million in the real world but no more than 11 million per at the time. Read all of my post next time.
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