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All Spurs must have BIGGER SENSE OF URGENCY!

Forget about all that [email protected] went in game 2. Now open a new book new series of the best of 5 and 3 of them in San Antonio.

Game 3 is a must win. Momentum Swinger to win series. Then we take them one game at a time for 3 times in a row at our home and we finish them here.

NOW Spurs must bring all their 100% AGGRESSIVE plays to game 3. You can't just be relaxed at home and let the HEAT beat you up again.

I want the REAL SPURS show up in game 3.

I want Tim, Tony, and Manu to bring their killer instinct!!!!
I want Pop to put everyone on the bench from the first 5 minutes if they could not show up. Just like he did for that Memphis series game.

I want Spurs to show HEART! To show that they will not be FADED under any pressure. I want Spurs to Dominate game 3.

In order to win this series Spurs must FIGHT BACK VERY HARD!

All X's and O's will come naturally if Spurs Mind is Clear that they are the BETTER TEAM.

If Spurs have any Doubt in their mind and don't have CONFIDENCE, FOCUS, or DETERMINATION they will lose this series.

The Spurs must enforce their will to win.

Spurs must know they have GREAT VERY RARE Opportunity to make it happen and they need to GRAB it and Run with it!!!!!

The Spurs know they need to play a PERFECT GAME come Tuesday night!

And I know they will calm down and get excited again and bring it!!

I know Pop will yank the Spurs very hard and prepare them with a GREAT GAME PLAN for Game 3!!
Can't wait for that buzzer to start game 3 at HOME!!!!!

Go Spurs Go!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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