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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
But you wanted to give SJax two years 8 million earlier this season right? Care to comment on that one? I said 5 million tops and the average player salary is like 5.3 million. You have had people say 6 to 8 million per for him. I'm being very reasonable here. Bonner makes more than Green! But he is worth it??????????
Jax for 2 years, $8 million would be $4 million a year. that'd be entirely reasonable since he used to:

- hit 3's
- defend smalls
- defend bigs
- play 1-4

can Manu do 2 of those 4 things? if Jax showed up like he did last season in the playoffs, it's entirely reasonable.

right now you're talking paying Manu $1 mill or so more than Green with Manu struggling and Green playing the majority of the minutes. unless you're talking about paying Manu more than DG because of him being Ginobili, he already earned that ridiculous overpay with his current deal.
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