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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
This might seem a satire but all of these numbers have been used to pay these players for past or future contracts in recent memory.

The payroll you guys want or wanted to give to include actual salaries for next year:
* Actual salary for next season

Ginobili - $8 Million

Parker - $15 Million

Duncan - $13 Million

Splitter - $10 Million

Bonner - $3.9 Million*

De Colo - $1.4 Million*

Neal - $4 Million

McGrady - $1.4 Million (Vet minimum since people think he has game left)

Baynes - $789K*

Joseph - $1.1 Million*

Mills - $ 1.1 Million*

Diaw - $4.7 Million*

Green - $3.7 Million*

That's 13 players at around $68.2 Million. First round pick is at almost another $1 million and second rounder at around 470K. So right at the luxury tax for 15 players. And you guys think I'm crazy?? It's easy to say pay this guy this and that. But you add it up and you get this! TOO MUCH MONEY!
If they pay Manu and Splitter that much, I'll be pretty upset. Not to mention Bonner too! Tiago still isn't that good to me.... No jumped, extremely limited post moves and not that great a shot blocker. Manu, maybe 5-6 million, and Splitter the same. Not to comfy on Tiago being there after Duncan. The time is now to build for Tony and Leonard,even Green.
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