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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post

this convo has been going on in the SR Facebook page and everyone who calls out Manu's poor (or non play) has been called a "hater".

don't expect even 2012 to show up. he's aged horribly and isn't worth the vet minimum at this point.
LOL -- I've been following those comments on the Facebook page and there's a whole lot of folks living in denial about the complete deterioration of Manu's skill set.

I believe his number will be hanging in the rafters, I believe that he has played an important part in the past success of this team, I also believe that he's not going to turn back the clock.

Manu has refused to alter his game, his body is betraying him and it was sad to watch him go in the lane for an uncontested dunk and have it blocked by the rim.

He should be rewarded for his past service but not at the expense of someone coming up. For the next 2 years he's just not going to be worth 5 million a year, especially when the Spurs need to keep getting younger and more athletic.
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