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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
$5 million?!

no way he in hell-O he should earn more than Green with how he's playing. Manu right now (court wise) isn't worth more than vet minimum. dude throws one or two crazy passes in a game and they think he should get more than our starting 2 guard who plays good D and hits shots.

at this point in his career, he's not like TD who got way more because of his name. Manu's gotten $14 mill a year or so for doing absolutely nothing and being injury prone. he's gotten his money frontloaded, time for him to take a good paycut or walk.
But you wanted to give SJax two years 8 million earlier this season right? Care to comment on that one? I said 5 million tops and the average player salary is like 5.3 million. You have had people say 6 to 8 million per for him. I'm being very reasonable here. Bonner makes more than Green! But he is worth it??????????
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