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Not sure what a timeout would have done. Not being a smart ass but if I recall, when the score was 62-61 with about 3:00 left in the third there was a timeout. Not sure who took it but a timeout nonetheless. Coming out of the timeout, SPurs turn the ball over. I would assume some play was drawn up or POP at least stated waht he wanted during the timeout. THe club then proceeds to run the offense and Gary Neal pops to the top of the key to receive a pass and it hits him directly in the hands. Instead of catching it, the ball goes through his hands and out of bounds. Not exactly what you expect coming out of a timeout.

Next thing you know there is a run of 8-10 pts straight but by then there is about 1:45 seconds left in the qtr so I figured he was just trying to wait until the qtr was over hoping his team could play through it. At that time he had 4 timeouts left for the rest of the game.

Not a great explanation but I remember thinking the same thing and noticing the specifics about the situation.
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