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I've been one of Manus biggest supporters here, but have to agree, last night was awful. I've also said, we can't win a title without him contributing in a big way. So, in reality, that's where we are this year. We saw last night, we got more touches, more looks, and nice games from Kawhi and Green. We need that from them, but we need Manu to step it up to win in this series. We can live with his game one play, but not last night. But if we are being truthful, the exact same thing can be said about Tony and Tim. Both were horrendous last nite too. Because of his style, Manus play presents itself to look as bad as it was. Because of Timmy's style, we get lost with his game performance when he has a bad game, just like we overlook his typical efficient game. Last night might have been his worst finals game ever.

I'm a little confused on how Pop let it get away. We had turnovers, quick shots, rushed shots, and didn't get back on D. He seemed content to let the game run its course. It's almost as he was using the loss in the fourth quarter to make a point, or motivate his rotation guys. That's an awfully big risk in a finals series. It's going to be hard to win 3 straight at home. I think if we are going to win this, we are going to have to take one more in Miami. We have played them pretty much straight up for 7 quarters there, and lost focus in one. Shows you how little room for that we have.
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