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Sadly how our Spurs got complacent by winning game 1 and gave in EASILY easily in game 2!!!

It was not supposed to be easy and will never be that easy!

Spurs have to just know it by now.

No one is going to hand it to you!


No one cares about some team who got here and then dropped to the floor. I thought Spurs where the AGGRESSORS game 1 but Game 2 was a different story. Heat were the AGGRESSORS so Heat won.

Spurs played with no PASSION. No HEART. NO PRIDE!

Nothing was about X's and O's.

It was all about MENTAL BREAKDOWN and not staying focused for 48 min.

Complacency Sucks!

I Still believe in my Spurs and they WILL win the next 3 games at home at least!!!!!There is a chance even that Miami will NEVER EVER win a game this Finals vs my Spurs if SPURS GOT REAL REAL REAL TOUGH here in San Antoino!!!

Go Spurs Go!

Let's end this series in San Antonio and have the HEAT LOSE 3 in a row... After all those never lost b2b crap in Miami since Jan 13.... Wouldn't that be the SWEETEST SPURS FINALS CLINCH WINS EVER!!!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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