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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
the level of intensity they both use is different, but Bonner tries yet you say he sucks because he's not good yet Birdman (who plays off LeBron mind you) is loads better?

i'm not on the fence on this stuff. trying the hardest you can doesn't make you a good player. at this point and postseason, Bonner is outplaying Birdman since MB has improved his toughness since the Lakers series. Birdman is only a good help defender and a good finisher when the Miami Big 3 are on the floor.
Didn't Birdman have success before he got to Miami?????

Birdman had a game before he got to Miami hate to tell you. He does not feed off of LeBron. He has a nose for the ball and works well without it too. Bonner has done hardly anything since the Laker series. He sucked in the GS series and had what one good game against the Grizz? A beat up injured Lakers mind you. So yes one series he did very well. Bonner watches rebounds. That's hustle? Most of his rebounds fall on his lap dude. Then he gets beat in transition even though he doesn't fight for the boards. How is that hustle? Did you watch Game 1 at all? He missed a one footer too lol. How is that toughness? He went up super weak in that play. Are you a Bonner defender now only because I'm involved in it? Silly way of arguing man. Birdman has had more minutes and better impact for his playoff team. Like I say to most of your the game...look at the stats and not just look at one game to evaluate someone. Rinse and repeat............
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