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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
You sure go to both sides of the fence on stuff involving myself even when it's obvious. I don't see Bonner doing anything like what Birdman does hustle wise. Not all white guys are hustle types sorry. Is Bonner a floor burn type of guy?? Nope. Salaries close? Nope. Jumps into the stands type to get a loose ball? Nope. Birdman is a better value easily. You didn't want SJax and then you wanted to give him a two year deal for 8 million bucks. To a player you didn't want who was having a bad year stat wise all season long. Really?
the level of intensity they both use is different, but Bonner tries yet you say he sucks because he's not good yet Birdman (who plays off LeBron mind you) is loads better?

i'm not on the fence on this stuff. trying the hardest you can doesn't make you a good player. at this point and postseason, Bonner is outplaying Birdman since MB has improved his toughness since the Lakers series. Birdman is only a good help defender and a good finisher when the Miami Big 3 are on the floor.
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