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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I am betting Manu gets 2 years 13 mil, and Splitter gets 3 years 27 mil.

We will have cap space if we immediately sign Manu and Splitter. We don't have to renounce them.

We won't sign a big free agent. We will probably bring over Adam Hanga to replace Gary Neil. There is a small chance we bring over Bertans, but he probably has to wait another year to get stronger. Those two guys are our big free agents for the next 2 years.
That's a lot salary to use on them. I hope Manu takes 5 million a year instead. 9 million a year for Splitter? Way too high. Let him walk at that rate. Splitter would almost be at Duncan money. No thanks. Even with a championship. I say no.
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