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Here are the ref for tonight's game 2 in Miami

Official 1: Joe Crawford
Official 2: Ed Malloy
Official 3: Ken Mauer
Alternate: Marc Davis

BTW I believe LBJ hates Joe Crawford already from last Indi series.

Those disruptive, power abusers, and distracting refs are expected to screw few games in this series for both teams and win some games that is like a law that we can never get over in the league....

This should NOT make my Spurs less aggressive and less confident!!!
The only way Spurs can win is if they keep their confidence and composure and determination.

Spurs will have to bring their A+ Game tonight and stick it to all of the Heat players plus those other zebras. So all the time Spurs have to keep some reserve in case Zebras made some ugly calls...:shocked

There is ZERO room for ERRORS tonight. Spurs need to be 100% on everything they do. If they mess up anything this game is over!!!

I think no one should stop the Spurs but Spurs. I think Pop and Spurs should embrace all this challenge this game 2 brings and get the most of it and nail it.!!! Stick it to them and the Miami Heat!

Believe in those Spurs they worked all year long and they HATE losing enough to enforce their will now...

I think game 2 with all and I mean ALL the pressure is HUGE on the HEAT is going to be a decisive game in this series. Because if Spurs win this game 2, chances of Heat winning this series is VERY SLIM. But if the HEAT even this series then HEAT will have a chance to steal one in SA then go finish it in Miami.

This game 2 is a maker or breaker for Miami. So much steak is on this game!

And because the pressure is so high on Miami and for the BIGGEST reason Miami thinks that since they never lost 2 in a row since Jan, where they had to play on the road in Indiana then in Portland with only one day apart, which was a challenge with the long travel etc...

Now the HEAT are at HOME and they are adjusting in the PO so far, but I can't see the HEAT adjust vs. my Spurs. Heat will not find so many things to adjust since Spurs had very few errors they made in Game 1.

Add to that Spurs played with a whole lot of rust in game 1.

I believe my Spurs Will Power, FOCUS, and that never let go until you win Confident attitude will again will them to win this game 2.

SPURS TEAM Momentum from game 1 WIN game 2 IMO!
Because Spurs played more like a TEAM than Miami last game and Miami are still believe it or not exhausted more mentally than physically since Indiana's series and will find it hard to recover in this short time therefore Spurs win game 2.

LETS Go Spurs Go

Go Spurs Go!
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