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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
I don't know Jose, but I find it hard to Howard to leave the Lakers now.

I agree with him being a proud guy and a free agent so he will try to test the waters out, but I would think Howard would be fool to leave Le Lakers. I think the Lakers will be Howard's team eventually.

Kobe CAN and WILL demand a coaching change IMO and maybe in the new Lakers' Front office Howard would find himself better staying there...
Other than the name, the Lakers have almost nothing in way of talent or assets to make signing there attractive. Artest will be amnestied, Kobe makes $30M, their starting point guard is 40 and they have no bench or young talent to speak of whatsoever. Their only asset is a 32 year old PF/C who is clearly on the downside of his career and is no longer worth the $20M he will make next year making his bird rights irrelevant. If he decides to stay, Howard will become a convenient scapegoat for the Lakers not making the playoffs next year which is almost guaranteed as the West is once again ridiculously stacked. The top seven teams in the west are almost locks for the playoffs next year and Uta, Min, Dal, Por, and NO will all be legit contenders for that last spot.
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