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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
i do remember Metta saying he'd "kill" Bonzi Wells if he didn't re-sign with the Kings one year

Dwight's a proud guy and so is Kobe. as much as Kobe may want to keep Dwight, Howard doesn't like D'Antoni (who Kobe loves) and doesn't like an outside-inside game (no one else should either).
I don't know Jose, but I find it hard to Howard to leave the Lakers now.

I agree with him being a proud guy and a free agent so he will try to test the waters out, but I would think Howard would be fool to leave Le Lakers. I think the Lakers will be Howard's team eventually.

Kobe CAN and WILL demand a coaching change IMO and maybe in the new Lakers' Front office Howard would find himself better staying there...
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