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Originally Posted by drcantgetright View Post
IMO it is more a reflection of being on a small stage (SA). But who cares? He just wins. The other players in the NBA sure know who Manu is. So do the coaches. He is old now and his skills are not the same...but he still goes out there and competes.

we have the GREATEST PF of all time on the team and he's under-appreciated. Tim Duncan isn't exactly a "white guy". if people want to get technical on race, i'd still get ticked off at Manu for jacking up an ill advised three point shot with plenty of time left for the other team to win the game if he was white, black, or whatever else color there is out there.

the guy plays on a "small" stage with a "boring" team and people have hated him because, after Divac left, he was the flop king. that certainly wasn't because of his skin color either. Ginobili is just like the Yankees and the Cowboys, if he's on your team you love him and if he's against you, you hate him. right now he's with us at the decline of his career and he's trying to play like he did when he was younger and it's not working. that's the frustrating part. when someone writes an article based on race for no reason, it's either a cop out to try to make people feel guilty about not liking him right now or they want to stir the pot to get hits. it seems it might be both in this case.
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