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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
Spurs were 7/23 from 3pt range (30%), how many of those were wide open shots? They shot 41% from the field which is a bit low, also how many lay-ups did they miss? I can count a handful. The shots were there all game and a majority of them didn't fall. Yeah, the Spurs didn't play well and have lots of room for improvement. Just sayin
I hope you realize the Spurs season 3PT average is 35.8%. That means "playing badly" was missing one more 3 than their season average. I'd hardly call that room for improvement.

The shooting percentage argument is faulty because of the turnovers. Possessions that usually would end in a turnover instead ended in a poor missed shot. For the season, the Spurs averaged 35.5 lost shots (missed shots - offensive rebounds) and 11.2 turnovers, for a total of 46.7 lost possessions. In Game 1, we had 43 lost shots and 4 turnovers, for 47 lost possessions: exactly on our average.

Just sayin', your argument doesn't stand up to basic analysis. Matching your season averages against the team with the best record in basketball is an amazing accomplishment, I don't see the Spurs playing any better -- we can't expect to shore up the 3-point shooting while maintaining a literally record-setting turnover pace.

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