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Originally Posted by tenthousandaces View Post
I agree with Mombear. After all, Mahinmi gets regular minutes for Indiana, and we all remember the typical outcome of the "Blair-vs-Mahinmi 1-on-1 games"...

Besides, he always got along great with Hill.

Definitely Indiana.
Indy wants a defense first club, but Blair wouldn't make any sense for them anyway. they got Hibbert/Ian/Hansbrough and they definitely want to re-sign David West. there isn't any room for him there anyway.

if he wants minutes, he goes to a place with no title expectations and minutes then Phoenix is definitely an option with their pick and roll game.

if he wants to win while getting minutes, then Miami (who was interested in him but the Spurs no way were going to trade him to a contender) would be ideal. Birdman is going to be a free agent and Joel Anthony isn't seeing any minutes anyway. Blair brings the same game that Anderson & Anthony bring on defense except he can pick and roll with Wade/LeBron.
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