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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
That pass defies the laws of physics. Great pass, although it didn't result in anything. Manu actually played well early in this game, then made some stupid mistakes in crunch time. Can't hide those, and they don't show up in the stats, pjm.
Don't forget also that Manu hit those TIMELY Threes at the second half to bring the Spurs back in the game!!!Those Threes Manu connected on WHERE HUGE!!!! Very Much Needed!!!!

I really thought that Manu was playing careful and tried so well to stick with the game plan and kept his composure all game long. His rhythm was in a rut. But that does not mean Manu will do not do better in the next games.

Those errors for all Spurs players were minimized at that game. I am looking for all Spurs to even do better in game 2 with them getting their rhythm back...

Watch out Heat because Spurs were just warming up! You Haven't seen the full power Spurs yet!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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