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Magic said after last night "The Heat played as well as they could, and the Spurs have room for improvement" that's pretty astute and ominous.

One thing that kind of hit me after I was reading about Lebron's comment of fatigue in the 4th. The Heat have played in 3 straight finals, an impressive mark not seen since the Lakers, also couple the fact that Lebron played this summer in the Olympics; i think the Heat might be drained.

ESPN has stated that the Heat are end up winning series 4-1 when losing the first game. But the Heat have not played a veteran squad like the spurs since 2011, a team that doesn't get rattled or shaken by the hype. The spurs looked rusty, they didn't shoot well, and missed a few good rebounds.... there is no way the Spurs should have won that game last night, and as a Spurs fan I know they will play better ....dun dun dun
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