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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
He would have been the 4th big behind Duncan, Splitter and Diaw. The Spurs may have gone after him but couldn't guarantee significant minutes. In my opinion, he does play hard, but smart? He's one of those "jump at anything" defenders. Give me Splitter over him any day of the week.
At times he does over commit on certain plays but he blocks and alters shots at a high rate too. He tried the "pull the chair move" on TD and it didn't work because well TD is older than him. So he knows that trick already. Smart players do those types of moves and it worked for him several times versus the previous playoff teams. Hustle play is never in a slump. The guy hustles and that's why even with all the demons he has.......he is still in the league after all these years. The guy is an above the rim player and by no means would I play him over Splitter for major minutes. But at certain times......yes I would. I thought he would have been good as guy to plug in for sluggish starts and for resting TD and other bigs. A guy in case for injuries and a big who is actually over 6'8 lol. That's all I was trying to say at the time. Plus Blair was being shopped to the world and Baynes wasn't signed yet. So in my view......That would had been a calculated risk. But a low one. I'm sure someone is gonna say I implied the missing link to the title which would be garbage. It was more for depth at the league minimum.
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