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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
All the Spurs needed was that 1st game. I'm so, relieved. They have the momentum and are not gonna let up. Spurs in 5 baby!!!!!
1. This is not exactly what I came away with. I witnessed 2 teams capable of precision execution do just that with an incredibly low number of turnovers. It was beautiful basketball to watch even when the Spurs were down. In this game, the Spurs had a few more shots go down than the Heat and that was the only difference in the outcome.

2. I am relieved and elated also. Winning on the road in this environment is an experience of a lifetime. The W was a great experience and feeling on my joy meter but the meter will go back to zero at the start of game 2.

3. Momentum? I'm not seeing any major chinks in the armor of either team to capitalize on. If game 2 is played like game 1 and Miami simply has more shots go down, they win.
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