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The solution of Miami

Hey guys. In first game, it seems that Pop solved Miami too. If we eleminate Lakers series,
It took 2 games to solve Warriors(Stay close to their shooters and focus on defense before offense)
He solved Memphis in the first game(Move the ball on offense-risk their wingmen shots and protect painted area in defense).

Now it seems that Miami's recipt is also ready:

Miami is defending pick&rolls well, they have good rotation on defense. They didn't give us too many open 3s as Memphis did.(And we missed most of them when they did) But they've a major problem in defense: They're unable to avoid penetrations. Yes it was a very big advantage for us. Manu penetrated when Wade was defending him and passed him nearly every time. (But could not finished all of them). Kawhi attacked to the rim when Lebron was defending him and he's really quicker than him. Parker also penerated several times and since they have no keeper in the painted area (Bosh is alone), he found a gold in much of that tries.

This time we scored 35 FG but only 16 assists. It's very uncharacteristic for us. Yes Green and Kawhi missed too many open-looks, but we found a way to win. By penetration.

Everybody is talking about Miami's weak front-court can cause trouble on rebounds, but they're forgetting the main issue. They will have hard times when Manu, Parker and sometimes Kawhi attacks to the rim.

And on defense. Our defense was very bad in first half(Maybe since rust), but it was awesome in second half. We defend similar like we did it in 2007 against Cleveland. Focused on Lebron too much and avoided him to find shooting rhytym. We're punished sometimes by Ray Allen and Wade which Cleveland didn't have such good guys. But at the 4th quarter, somehow we both defend Lebron and ddn't give a room to their shooters. Good rotation in defense helped us. We were good at transition defense, didn't let too many fast-break points.

If we keep this defensive scheme, I don't think that Miami could score more than 90 points against us in this series.

Let's see that what adjustments Spoelstra do.

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