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Out-rebounded by 9 but Spurs still win... Big problems for Heat?

The media pundits as well as basketball savvy Spurs fans have been preaching the need to win the rebounding battle against the heat if the Spurs are going to win this series. Apparently the Spurs simply don't stand a chance if they cant win the battle of the boards against Miami. But, somehow against all odds and against every prediction from the geniuses who spew their garbage all over ESPN and talk radio, the Spurs were able to win game 1, in Miami, while being out-rebounded by 9.

Could this fact point to an unforeseen problem for the Heat? They were getting rebounds, yes. But most were defensive rebounds. The reason they were getting these rebounds were because the Spurs were missing shots and not turning the ball over. The Heat excel at turning turnovers (haha) into demoralizing dunks on the other end that can not only sway momentum, but lets be real, they count for 2 points and they are pretty high percentage...

Perhaps the secret to winning the game is the same as it is in every major sport... Its not about winning the rebounding battle, its not about playing physical and intimidating the other team, just very simply...Don't turn the ball over! Don't negate your opportunity to score and don't give the other team additional opportunities to score. Obviously other aspects of the game are important and you must play a complete game to win, but lest we forget how important winning the turnover battle is in basketball.

Hmm, turnovers are really important after all... who would have thought? Go ahead 8th grade basketball coaches, take a bow. You were right all along.

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