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Originally Posted by pjm View Post
As most people in this forum have been saying during these playoffs. But many in here (you don't seem to be included in that group) also address that he hasn't been as bad as you made it look like in other posts.

You saying that Manu "hasn't been playing particularly well" is a really mild way to put it. Feel free to re-read the tone of your posts about Manu if you disagree. And while you are at it, feel free to reply my post about Manu's stats these playoffs and in crunch time in the other thread.

I agree that we need our whole team playing at their best to be able to beat this Miami team. I believe we can do it and we have everything to get that fifth ring. But it will require a team effort from everyone and being led by Tony and Timmy (which I believe are the positions where the Spurs can make the most damage).
I just looked at your response in the other thread. So your point is, that he contributes with a steal or a block, or with an assist at the end of the game. Ok, fine. My point was, he kind of cancels himself out with bad play earlier in the game. Ok, end of game is better,because that is "clutch". But it's his bad play (and I agree, others as well, but none so momentum changing as his), that make it necessary for him to be "clutch" at the end. It's a "Manu Conundrum". Of course, I'm happy he does the things at the end to help the team win, but it's a trend that needs to change if they want to beat the Heat.

My other questions were the numbers you used to begin with for your comparisons. Why only 7 games? They've played 14 in the playoffs. How in the world do the numbers only have 22 minutes for TD in crunch time? What players were on the court at the time? Do these include the various overtimes? I just think the sample size and numbers being used are going to give you skewed results. Because even the most novice of basketball fans know that Manu wasn't the most clutch player in the last minutes of the games.
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