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Originally Posted by doom32x4 View Post
I expect them to choose Miami. Seriously people,they ARE the defending champs. How much would ya'll freak if somebody chose against SA in the same situation? This place would burn down. I don't care what journalists or analysts predict, I kinda hope they choose Miami because I don't want the Heat feeling like underdogs, especially as defending champs, it's insulting to them.
Amen to that. They're the defending champs, they had the best record in the NBA, they won 8 more games than us this year, and they had the best winning percentage since the 2006-07 Mavericks. They're the favorites, we're the underdogs by any objective measure.

Given all that, I'm surprised even 5 commentators picked us to win, and that more see us winning in 6 than see them winning in 6 (although if you think the Spurs are going to win, you probably don't think they're going to do it with a Game 7 win on the road).

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