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Miami Heat don't scare me. I'll give them proper respect, my Spurs are BETTER TEAM!

Spurs in Six!

Spurs will make dam sure they will win this series even if they had to close it on the road.

And Miami will not be able to recover between games that fast IMO because:

A. Miami is exhausted from coming from that 7 game series. They will feel that more likely after the first 2 games. That adrenaline will be taking them through first two games at home. But Spurs on the other hand had been rested and will bring that great focus and concentration. Even if they had some rust in game one first half. Spurs will keep their heads in the game and step up and keep their foot on that pedestal all game long IMO.

B. Miami think they can adjust between games and come back with something new to counter Spurs, they are dead wrong on that. Easier said than done. This Spurs TEAM is super resilient and will not be that easily beat. Even if Heat won 27 games in a raw during the regular season. Especially since majority of those wins were vs. Eastern Teams...Which is far less superior than beating Western Teams all year long. Spurs are already coming with a great edge here...Plus 27 wins in a row does not mean a squat. It is different in the PO. We all saw Spurs winning a whole bunches of games last year and coming to drop 4 straight in that OKC series...

Spurs on the other hand will adjust faster and much better since Pop has the edge of more PO experience over Eric Spoelstra. Give me Pop over Eric in any day & twice on Sunday!!!

Bottom Line:

For Spurs it really does not matter because Spurs know how to win on the road.

For Miami I can see them relaxing at their home and dropping a couple of games from being over confident and all that hype.

But if Spurs win game 1 and 2 in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Man this would be the Sweetest Finals EVA!!!!Spurs then IMO will Sweep dis Miami Heat...!!And it will be just like 2007!!! The GREATEST Championship of all the Spurs ones since it came much more harder than others with all what the Spurs had to go through all year long and all PO long.

Let's Go Spurs Go!!!!

It is all up for GRABS and someone will get it why not My Spurs?
Spurs are the Better Team and will win it all IMO!
Go Spurs Go!
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