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Originally Posted by Mombear View Post
The refs have their orders... it will be the heat unless Indiana can play through the refs then they will take game 7. But as we all know, stern will want no part of another ABA Finals.
I usually don't buy into fixing allegations, but a 38-20 free throw disparity is hard to argue with. Not that it was even needed, given the 21-11 TO disparity.

This will be the first time the Heat have played a team with finals experience in the Finals, though. The Mavs in 2011 had two players from the 2006 team, Nowitzki and Terry. OKC just had Perkins. The Celtics last year are the only Finals-tested team the Heat have played, and they took them to seven games despite an old, decrepit roster.

The Heat have a bad habit of yawning, relaxing, and taking it easy, then finding a way to pull a series win out of their asses at the last second. They're about to find out that you can't do that against a team like the Spurs.
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