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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
I didn't address the partially guaranteed contract of Matt Bonner. He is scheduled to make $4M next year with $1M guaranteed. If the Spurs exorcize this option AND the salary cap is at $70M next year, the Spurs could have $3M taken away from the cap number which would put the Spurs $8M under the cap BEFORE the MLE and Bi-Annual exceptions come into play. So I think it is possible for the Spurs to have $8M in cap room if they cut Bonner, or have $6M in room from the MLE and Bi-An exceptions if they keep him.
I don't see them keeping Bonner but his team buyout is a huge trade chip. They had buyouts on Oberto and Bowen and traded them. McDyess was tricky because of the trade kicker and the fact there was a lockout looming. So that made it a hard process.
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