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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
It's like... Just cause one of your kids have autism or mentally not right, doesn't mean he gets less attention than any of your other kids. People are always beating up on Bonner.... We all know what he's about, but yet he's still here. It's easy to talk good about the great players, but seems to be easier to whip up on the others. But who else has been on this team longer than Bonner, besides the Big3? But the question is, that we know Bonner sucks sometimes, but why is he still here?

Because Pop likes him, and for more than just his play. I just think he stinks it up a lot more than he comes through, like other players on our team. Im not trying to knock Bonner this time. I have liked his effort on defense as of late. Just think he is getting way too much attention here.

If there were as many Gary Neal threads as there are Bonner, I would bash Neal A LOT. Neal has had some big plays and maybe three games where he had his offense going, but zero threads (I think).
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