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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
Yeah, do the same thing that got a VET like Jax kicked off this team. He doesn't even have the history of playoff performances like Jax either, so if one can get released well he might find himself there as well.

BTW at the end, Gary Neal is making shots? On what planet is that? Nando is not a great defender and thats what is needed in the playoffs, so Neal is? LMFAO that there got a good chuckle out of me. I see why he wants to play and I know it's probably frustrating.
I don't see anything wrong with what he is saying here. In fact I would have a bigger problem if he wasn't frustrated that he wasn't playing. The problem with SJax, based on reports, is that he was allowing his frustrations to affect his work on and off the court with the team and that is why he was cut.

I think honesty in an interview should be praised. His place on the roster and rotation should only be about his work on and off the floor, not what he says in an interview.

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