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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
Regarding the refs not being consistent....I personally don't think consistent is the word. Here is what I saw. The spurs came out of halftime pretty much where they left off. They were pretty hot. After a few made buckets, the whistles started pouring in for Memphis. Foul after foul, three on TD in a 30 second span. That slowed the game down, took out our best big man, and put the spurs in the penalty early. That was a big factor in Memphis getting back into it. I think one sided better describes the officiating.

Im not discounting our terrible shooting late. That is the other big factor.
I would say it is what it is. Yes Refs were quick on calling the Spurs come second half of that game no question. And I used the word inconsistent ref calls because it sounded less bitter to be honest with you..

Sure the refs did affect on that game a lot by calling so many fouls, but my observation here was that our Spurs are much more mature this year to fall for that trap again. Unlike last year where the Spurs rolled through the first two rounds with two sweeps, this year the Spurs are working more maturely and Pop is managing their minutes better so they don't get GASSED again and lose games after the refs try to fight you too besides opponents.

There should always be some RESERVE in the Spurs TANK because they will face this on the road again in games three and four....And that should balance out for the Spurs favor despite all the attacks and curve balls thrown at Spurs from opponents and refs too...

Spurs will survive this team much better than last year WCF IMHO because this year is nothing like last year.

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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