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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
That's fine, you can think what you want. I'm called a Manu hater, I say I'm a Manu realist. I don't kiss the ground he walks on. I've been hard on others too. I once said that TP would never be able to carry a team on his shoulders, yet here we are.

You can say what you want (as we can all do in this forum) but when a topic is supposed to be started to address 15 min of bad basketball from the whole team and you single out Manu's performance in a few plays of that span sounds more like a Manu hater.

Also, you say you have been hard on others too, but I've seen you defend and talk good about other guys (like Bonner or what you just wrote about Parker carrying the team on his shoulders) and so far I've never seen you talk any good at all about Manu (and plenty of bad things about him have you said since I've been reading here).

Is Manu perfect? No way. Is he as good as he was some years ago? Unfortunately, no. But I think he still has some good things in him and in his game and I haven't seen you address any of that, just the bad things and the mistakes he has (and by the way, I don't agree with your perception of 1 good game out of 3). So don't be surprised if evevn though you want to call yourself a Manu realist, most of the forum might perceive you as a Manu hater, even people that "don't kiss the ground Manu walks on".
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