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Originally Posted by joyner View Post
First of all, non-physical papers have cost, too. Writers like to actually be paid for what they write, first of all. Then, there's bandwidth costs, site maintenance, site design, and lots of other costs. Is it cheaper than doing a physical paper? Sure. Are the costs negligible? Not even close.

Secondly, web advertisements are not profitable. At all. They're laughably, hilariously unprofitable. Sources:
It's More Likely You Will Survive A Plane Crash Or Win The Lottery Than Click A Banner Ad - Business Insider
10 Horrifying Stats About Display Advertising
Banners Are the Worst Advertising: Invisible | Digiday

So, no, web advertisements are not profitable in the least.

I don't have a stake in this debate -- to me it's just another example of a newspaper fighting to stay relevant and solvent and failing. I just don't like to see falsehoods and faulty reasoning tossed around in any debate.
Hi joyner.

Yes non-physical papers have a cost, you're right. But you should eleminate writer's wage, because they're already paying them for writing in physical paper. Bandwidth costs, storage devices and mainteneance costs something, but i don't think that they're too much in U.S.A. They're even cheap in Turkey, I don't think that the papers are paying too much money to them.

And I think I couldn't explain what I mean in web advertisment. I'm meaning the advertisment which the site wins money independent of visitor clicks. For example they can put a Honda or Mitsubishi banner between the main news pages; I'm pretty sure that the companies pays good money for that kind of advertisments. (They're paying in Turkey)

They had 2 options:

- You can limit the visitor count of your website by charging fee to your readers.
- You can try to increase visitor count enormously and so the companies comes to you to give advertisement. If 300.000 people visits Express news site every day, I can't imagine how many companies would apply for advertisement.

They choosed the first one. It's their choice, but they will not lost money but will lost tones of visitors.
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