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Originally Posted by tuncaboylu View Post
I understood what you're trying to tell and I think you're wrong.

You can prefer to have a Carter type player, but we also have. (Did you check Danny Green's stats and salary)

You can not find that kind of players for each spot in the roster. You can find cheap players i.e. undersized SG like Neal, old swingmen like VC or Grant Hill and unproven PG like Mills and Joseph and they can produce. But when it comes to front-court players, it's not easy to find that kind of player to play cheap.

You can not compare the stat-salary production of a front-court and back-court player. Bonner gets 3M per year and that's normal for a big men who can shoot 3. You can compare his stats and salaries with all the PGs and SGs on the league. But you would waste your time because no one cares about your opinions.
I'm glad you used spell check for once. No one cares about my opinion but you responded to mine. You strike me as a Jason Collins fan. Suck on that one!
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