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I think the issue is this: you obviously know the game. Yet you are steadfast in bashing a guy that not only has been a key to 3 titles, but a lot more to the city and organization. And, is still that way. Although he is not what he once was, he still is a key component to what we do, and vital to any chance we have to another title. Manu has always played the way he does now, he just does do in limited minutes now. He is still the most clutch player we have, and does so many little things that don't even show up in the box score. There isn't a GM, or coach, or player in this league that wouldn't want him on their team. And, in crunch time, I'd venture to day he still strikes more fear in the opponent than any other Spur. All that said, you tend to single out wild shots or errant passes. What and how he does those things is part of what makes him so feared and so dangerous. I'd take a wild Manu shot every once in a while to get all the good things that come along with it. He just makes plays. He's always around the ball, and is not afraid to be the man when others shrink. All that being said, and I know you recognize this, you will single out a turnover or crazy shot of his. Yet, you seem to defend a player like Bonner, who is truthfully nothing more than a one dimensional role guy. One that in veritably will get lost in the game, or simply disappear. He has zero basketball IQ, no true feel for the game, and can't master many of the fundamental skills that could make him better. While Manu has stepped up time after time after time, you tend to focus on an area of each game he did not play well. Truth be told, I think Bonner is a great guy. I think he's good to have on our team. But to incessantly defend his limited contributions, yet rag on one of top players who gives us that 'it', that most teams don't have, makes no sense to most fans. And he missed the 12 of the last 13 games of the season, (we went 5-7), and is still rounding back into form. His shots not there, but his all around game, and obviously clutch shooting has been a major lift for us. Heck, I hope every one of our guys has great games. Even Bonner. He makes the game winner in game 7 of the finals, I'll eat all the crow you serve. It's just hard to see what justification one has for one of our main guys, and the true heart of our team and city basketball wise.
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