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Originally Posted by tabspur View Post
Hmmm. Must be watching through Ginger colored sunglasses to see what no one else does. Including the Spurs staff.
The average fan doesn't see it, people who have watched basketball a long time see it. Maybe the culprit here is Manu colored glasses. And what do you expect the front office to do? They've invested in him, he's a fan favorite, and he is functional in about a third of the games he plays in, when he's not injured.

Originally Posted by pjm View Post
There, I corrected your statement.
That's fine, you can think what you want. I'm called a Manu hater, I say I'm a Manu realist. I don't kiss the ground he walks on. I've been hard on others too. I once said that TP would never be able to carry a team on his shoulders, yet here we are.
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